Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NFL Is signing with more than just players!

Wait YouTube is the NFL signing a partnership with YouTube and even getting its own channel?  ”There is no more valuable property in television than the National Football League, and there is no bigger video hub on the Internet than YouTube. Now, the two have agreed to join forces to take over the world – or something like that” Says entertainment today. This will increase users on YouTube and even fans of the NFL. Joining these two hubs together will make it easier to access highlights, plays, and bad calls. ;)

“The NFL has announced a partnership with Google that will give the league something of a preferred status on the world’s most powerful search engine. Users that search, for instance, “Ravens Steelers” into their Google search box will be taken to game highlights on the NFL’s official YouTube channel. This allows the league to take the driver’s seat in terms of its own copyrighted content being posted on YouTube, and gives fans a reliable source to find highlights on YouTube – rather than waiting for “steelersfan1997″ to post highlights” Continues entertainment today. American football is going more global then it ever has before, everyone in the world can access google, every smart phone, every computer. IT’S TAKING OVERRRRRR.

“The new partnership will also allow the NFL to share in ad revenue that Google generates on YouTube videos. Google has also agreed to promote the NFL on YouTube and elsewhere, and provide expanded search results on the all-important Google search bar.” The Promo alone is worth this deal, but no they’re also making big bucks off it too. This is in my opinion the smartest move the NFL could ever make especially right before Super Bowl.

“The new partnership makes the NFL the most accessible entity in American entertainment today. The league now has partnerships with Disney (ESPN), NewsCorp (Fox), Viacom (CBS), Comcast (NBC) and Google. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.” So basically football is taking over the world, and YouTube isn’t the start or the finish but a major mile stone. Why did they sign with Disney? Are they going to have Richard Sherman cussing out some fourth grader and the jumping on a trampoline drawing mouse ears into the sky...? I think not.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tyler Oakley on top!

Tyler Oakley is the queen of the internet, breaking out as a daily video and vlogger, and blogger. He has 6+ million subscribers and makes videos twice a week. He has been active in YouTube since September 18, 2007 and has put out 361 videos. He now has a podcast called psychobabble on September 2, 2014 with his best friend from his hometown Korey Kuhl. His plans with his podcast are to chat with celebrities and YouTubers completely unfiltered and just to make people laugh. In great Tyler Oakley fashion, I’ll shamelessly promote him and persuade you to subscribe on iTunes, and follow him on everything @TylerOakley. Tyler is 25 years old and was born in Jackson, Michigan on March 22 to mother “Queen Jackie” who has also starred in a few videos with her famous internet son. Tyler Oakley has fans all over the world and has done some major traveling to see all of them, having a tour or “slumber party” all around the U.S and going to award shows and filming in England, Italy, Australia, and many more.Tyler has made friends online almost everywhere, from Troye Sivan in Australia, to his whole British crew, and PewdiePie in the Netherlands.

Tyler has been to some major events through YouTube and sponsors this year! In 2014 Pepsi paid for him to go to the super bowl which he vlogged all about. Tyler toured Hawaii with another YouTube group called O2L with stands for our second life (Which he vlogged all about). Tyler got to meet president Obama with other YouTubers like Hannah hart, and discussed the latest YouTube gossip!  He also attended playlist live, where he got to celebrate his 25 birthday and have a meet and greet with fans. Tyler raised half a million dollars for suicide prevention with the Trevor Project. Tyler was a guest on Joan Rivers web series 
“in bed with Joan” where he got to sit down and gossip about everything with the iconic comedian and fashion icon.
 This year Tyler has also won two teen choice awards and got to interview celebrities such as Nick Jonas on the red carpet.
 Tyler Oakley has had a spread in multiple magazines this year including Seventeen! Magazine.
 Tyler Oakley was also a guest on the talk and got to gossip and chat with stars like Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, and Sheryl Underwood.     

Thursday, January 8, 2015

YouTube goes big

In 2005, YouTube was founded, it started as a place to find songs, funny videos, or how to's. Since 2005 it has expanded to a corporation, reaching viewers around the world and even creating job opportunities; Google users creating a career of this small hobby know as "YouTubing". YouTubers have multi million subscribers and can even be translated into 61 languages. Major production companies also buy ads before videos to get people to buy tickets or products. This is what sparks my interest: these YouTubers are everyday people, just a little overly involved in the Internet. They start out as nothing, and they create their  own audience with the videos they put out. When they're good, work hard, and stick to it they get paid for this simple fun extra thing they do and get other job opportunities, awards, and crazy travel. They have also turned YouTube into so much more than a website, it's a support group, an oasis for Beauty gurus, and even gamers.