Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Girl Online is a debut novel, and a best-seller written by Zoe Sugg.  If you don’t know Zoe Sugg you probably don’t know YouTube. She started off by blogging to a handful of followers and now has a wide spread following all over the world and is known for being a part of the British crew of YouTube. Zoe is 24 years old and is a makeup guru and daily vlog/blogger. Many think that this book wasn’t as good as the hype it was given, others are mad about her not actually writing the book and signing her name to this “ghostwritten” book. Many said her YouTube career is really what they’re promoting and that this book is “as sugary as a cupcake”.

 Okay, I agree with all the above but this book also strongly promotes self-acceptance and a much younger audience then the people doing these reviews. It’s a book by Penguin Publishing, the audience is completely directed towards younger teens, more like pre-teens. In no way was this meant for a 25 year olds review, even as a 16 year old I feel out of the loop. I know Zoella as a YouTuber, and I couldn’t see her as an author type. She has anxiety and openly talks about it in both the book and on her channel. This book has both American English and British English, but manly has British slang. I love the way it’s written, but I can’t credit Zoella on that.

 The main character in this book is Penny, a teen coping with cripplingly awkward adolescence and also juggling her online life.  She deals with cyberbullies and rude friends who post videos of her flashing her “knickers” at a school play. This book deals with big issues that teens face and I completely respect Zoe for supporting them. Penny’s best friend Elliot has trouble with his family after her tells them he’s gay, Penny has anxiety, penny gets cyber bullied; all of these are real thing teens face. I would rather have girls looking up to Zoe than any other American pop icon, and it’s easy to know why after reading this book. Although at times this book seems completely hypocritical, Girl Online has good advice on what to not share online but Zoe Sugg has her entire career online and started there by sharing personal details on the internet. “Even though I still don’t really know very much about Noah, on some deeper level it feels like I’ve known him forever,” sighs Penny. “Is this what it means when people talk about meeting their soulmate?”

 “I get the sudden urge to write a blog post.”

 Go figure. This is typical internet sugar plum princess, share your feeling with a million strangers. 
I really like what this book stands for, but I hated the book and that’s okay because in no way was this aimed for my liking. This book makes me feel old, I feel like every page should have pictures of unicorns or sparkles.  Zoe has a girly young personality, which shines through in this book whether she wrote it or not; it screams Zoella. I think it cool she’s getting book deals and opportunities through YouTube, she’s doing monumental things and is launching a career more than just YouTube. Okay, now let’s slow down for a second, to those who think Zoe is some no name with no experience in book writing and came from nowhere with her YouTube, she was an actress.
Yeah I know…

She starred in J.K Rowling’s harry potter movies and was an extra in most of them. She also topped all of her books for best sellers.   

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Poem on vlogging

Vlog, vlog come to stay

Take your camera on a rainy day

Show us how you go and play

On your channel we shall stay

Waiting to hear about your day

Ever Wednesday December to May

Counting down every single day

See you next time! Is what you’ll say

I’ll sit and wait until Wednesday

To hear what YouTube has to say

I hope it rains I always pray

To see how my friends vlog their day!

by: Julie P. Bones