Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How to get into YouTube

Quick and easy steps to jump into YouTube!
1.)    Getting familiar with YouTube
Look at videos. See exactly what you like, and this can be a broad spectrum but it makes things fun and easy. Subscribe to other people talking about what you like.  Have something to add, take your own twist on your videos. See how regularly they release content, see how they got started, why they got started and get inspired. Talk about your favorite YouTubers, talk to them; this seems crazy but you can often reach them on many social Medias. YouTube isn’t a competition, everyone wants everyone to do good. Keep that in mind.

2.)    Get your set up
You need a camera, and depending on what you want to do you might need lights and whatever other supplies. Like beauty gurus need makeup or a snow boarder trying to get people to see his new tricks needs a go pro. Have a clue on what you’re going to say, you don’t have to know every word but know your topic inside and out. Get your space, have your time to be efficient, and edit properly. Keep positivity constantly flowing! Know when you you’re on a sensitive topic, know the other perspective, say your opinion but keep it diplomatic or you’ll have a war on your channel. Soon you’ll gain subscribers, which means they’ll check your channel regularly.

3.)    Get your niche
Maybe it’s a greeting or outro or just bubbly little things you say, but people love that raw personality factor and catch on to things repeated. Marcus butler has his signature greeting of Hell-lowwwwww and its bubbly and him. Although you want something to make you you and stand out, don’t make something up; stay you 100% of the time. Maybe its in your editing! Maybe you jump from shot to shot. Maybe you make original songs, poems, paintings. Maybe you talk about your day, perfect. Yes I want to know where you bought that red lipstick it looks great on you! You went to Italy and filmed it all? Amazing I’m subscribing.

4.)    Better be confident
So this is a tough one, I’m not saying you have to be happy go-lucky but people respond better to happy videos.  There are a lot of mean people on the internet, it’s just fact. You be you, they don’t really know you they’re just trying to be mean. Take corrective criticism, and use it but don’t take hate comments to heart; even the biggest most popular YouTubers get hate, it comes with the territory. Be confident though, you don’t have to reply, you don’t have to fight. Block, Block, Block.

5.)    Start recording!
Your videos are going to be bad, only because you’re going to improve with experience so much! Start recording, find your flare, gaining viewers that like you for you. Make a career out of something you love to do. Just go for it, fail, do it again. Make your videos as great as you can and always try to do better. This is complete trial and error, and that ok. When you get the hang of things they’ll be smoother than water.

I know you want to know how to get into YouTube, but know when you want to leave and your fan base grows you are not obligated to stay. Too many YouTubers feel chained to their channel; you aren’t even chained to your topic! Its ok to change, add channels, switch up content; whatever makes you happy!


  1. I think that these are really good step because you explain everything that you have to do and you explain everything really well

  2. I think that these are really good step because you explain everything that you have to do and you explain everything really well