Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OTP Discussion, How true is #Troyler? What happened there? (BLOGGERS CHOICE)

OTP: "One true pairing"
big in the YouTube world, because some people are just hands down perfect for each other, #Troyler will always be my OTP but Zalfie and Shisa is pretty close.
  OK they technically
aren't even together, I mean I think they were at one point but, they would be perfect for each other. PRETTY SURE THEY WERE AT ONE POINT??!!!

Here is where things get shady, do you see the title of that video -__-

They have answered questions of being together and never denied, although Tyler has stated that Troye is kinda young for him.

Troye is 19, and Tyler is 25. Australia native Troye Sivan with brown hair and blue eyes, and Michigan born Tyler with lavender hair and glasses.

So is this OTP speculation or actual relationship? well Troye has credited his song "Gasoline" on his new EP to be "Most personal" and was written about when things ended with these two. They friendship hasnt been cast into YouTube since its been more Low-key (If even still there) neither have said either name on day to day vlogs or major videos but I know we'll all see when august rolls around and its time for "Auguest" and Tyler has 30 days of friends, will Troye be one of them? 

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